924 Lux Race Car

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The standard 1984cc Porsche 924 has a standard power output of 125hp. They are therefore not particularly quick in a straight line, but on a racetrack can be good fun. The key to a good lap time is carrying what speed you build up through each corner. The engine has a pretty much unbreakable bottom end and is reliable in service, though like all 924s they do seem to have an appetite for fuel pump relays. I really have never understood why this is the case, but I find it's a good precaution to carry round a jumper wire, just in case.

The car below led a pretty sheltered life and had full Porsche service history at 68,000 miles when I bought it. The preparation of the car for racing necessitated the addition of a roll cage, harness, fire extinguisher and some suspension modifications. The carpets and sound absorbent matting were removed to save weight and the front wings and windows were replaced for the same reason. The car still has all the underbody underseal, as I was not sure whether he car would remain a race car, or be converted back for road use and the occasional track day.

Outbraking a 2.4E at Russell chicane at Snetterton - Mary HarveyPembrey in 1994 - Mary HarveyA road car ready for the trackCurrent photo

I had some pretty good results in class D of the Porsche production championship as it was then, competing against 911 2.4Ts, early 944s and 924S models. In one race at Croft I managed to fight my way up to second, only to suffer a head gasket failure with a lap and a half to go.

The car has been laid up for a couple of years now, though she was given the treat of a track day a couple of years ago. At the first corner I nearly came off the track because I was not used to such rapid response to steering inputs. If you are interested in buying this car, get more details from the For Sale page.

Back on track in 2005
This latest picture is from a trackday at Croft in late 2005. Really good to have her back on track with such exemplary handling. Picture thanks to Paul Griffin.


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