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924 (Type 937) Carrera GT 1980

Car Details

This is the base upon which my 924 Carrera GT race car was designed. I found the car at a Porsche main dealer in Belgium. The people who owned the car had acquired it pretty near to the top of the classic car market in the early nineties. At one time the rarity and lack of sellers meant that a 924GT could be valued as highly as £35,000!

No, it's not snow on the ground, just soap suds

The car was originally sold by the Belgian Importer in Brussells, and the original invoice states that it is painted Indische Rood (Indian Red). The condition of the body is excellent, with well fitting panels, though the most attractive part has to be that meaty scoop on the bonnet. You can certainly see where the later 944 took its styling roots from.

Ground Hugging 924 Carrera GT924 Carrera GT ready to roll !

These latest photos were taken in 2003 when the car was finally registered for the road.

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