Video Clips

Here are a selection of video clips from a few of the races. Simply click on the pictures to view the clip.

Each clip will open in a new window and play automatically.

The video files are encoded in Mpeg 1 and quite large so please be patient, or better still have a high speed internet connection.

Getting the video files to play on this page has been a bit of a challenge, but I think it's OK now. They are best viewed through Internet Explorer and will show through version 7 of Windows Media Player.

Sometimes not all the file will download before it starts playing..... click on the pause button until the white bar moves all the way to the right, close the small video window and then click on the image again and you should get the whole thing.

Oulton Park 23rd July 2005

Good peripheral vision means I see a car alongside and take to the grass avoiding an oversteering Renault Spyder. I recover to take 3rd overall, the Renault finally hit the barriers at the bottom of the hill.

Porsche 944 takes up grasscutting! File size is 3.9 mb, running time 23 seconds

Oulton Park 3rd July 2004

The shortest race of my life lasting about 4 seconds

How not to start a race ! File size is 2.0 mb, running time 10 seconds

Oulton Park 3rd July 2004

.........and how it looked from behind...............

Watch for the tyremarks File size is 2.0 mb, running time 10 seconds

Donington 19th October 2003

Second lap coverage of the race showing Pete Morris' 968 and "The Harrison Manouvre" at the Chicane

What happens next ? Donington October 2003 File size is 6.3 mb, running time 42 seconds

Croft 7th September 2003

Short video clip showing what happens when a Fiesta hits the back of a Carrera GT. You can see what happened to the tyres and a sequence of images in the race report.

Video courtesy of Darren Flounders

There's only one line at Barcroft, Simon Barer tries to make another, Croft September 2003 File size is 2.2 mb, running time 12 seconds

Knockhill 29th September 2002

Second lap coverage from Taylors with George Tweddles stranded Escort and David Cox, John Parton and me in close battle.

Video courtesy of Terry Wright

Contact at Taylors on lap 2 Knockhill September 2002 File size is 1.6 mb, running time 15 seconds

Croft 24th August 2002

I was using the RS at this meeting. This was a wet race start showing the benefit of the 911 off the line

Video courtesy of Mick Starkey

Video of the race start at Croft August 2002 File size is 4.0 mb, running time 39 seconds

Snetterton 29th-30th June 2002

Video courtesy of Colin Broster showing the start of the race and the first few corners.

You can see the difference between the 911's and 924 off the line.

Video of the race start at Snetterton June 2002 File size is 2.9 mb, running time 33 seconds

Snetterton 29th-30th June 2002

Video courtesy of Colin Broster showing my move past Colin, contact in the Esses and then Colin spinning at Russell..

Video of close racing with Colin Broster File size is 4.1 mb, running time 45 seconds

Spa May 17th-19th 2002

Video courtesy of Colin Broster

Video of Spa including Eau Rouge File size is 7.9 mb, running time 89 seconds

If you have your own in-car video of a Porsche Classic or NSSCC race , and would like me to show a short clip here, just drop me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.


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