1977 911 Carrera 3

My first Porsche

The Carrera 3 was introduced in 1976, and replaced the 165hp 2.7. When the original 911 turbo (930) was introduced, it had a 3.0 litre capacity and the magnesium crankcases used in the earlier models were replaced with heavier, but stronger aluminium. The Carrera 3 shared many engine parts with the original 930. Power output was 200hp, which was a significant improvement over the previous years 2.7, but not as high as the 1973 2.7 RS with 210, and not that much more than the 190 hp of the 1972 2.4s.

After spending a number of weekends in the spring of 1987 traveling all over Britain viewing cars, I finally decided that the best car I could afford was this 1977 German Sport spec Carrera 3. The previous owner used to travel to Germany regularly and LHD was not a problem for him. I quite quickly adapted, and really do not notice the difference at all now. My car can be identified as a 1977 model by the black anodised finish around the windows. 1976 models are chrome. This car was therefore very much the forerunner of the 911 SC, and later 3.2 versions of the 911.

On track in the Startup series in 1989 - Mary Harvey Ready for a run on the road

I started racing in 1989, and looking back things were so different then. The start up series was a non championship series, and the only modifications necessary were to fit a fire extinguisher and 3 point harness. There was no requirement for a roll cage, and no course to be completed to get a racing licence and take to the track. If I had had to fit a roll cage I certainly would not have started racing when I did.

Carrera 3 engine compartment

Here's a view of the engine compartment

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