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We've created a special dbRacing windows boot logo to replace that boring old Windows98 logo. Simply download the file and place it in C:\. When you reboot you'll see the current racing cars. If you get tired of it (and I can't see why you would) you can always go back to the the Windows original logo.

dbRacing logo

dbRacing boot logo

Right click and then "Save target as" into your C:\

If you want to revert back to the original windows version simply delete the file from your hard disc.

It should also work with Windows 95, and windows ME. I have no idea about using it with XP, sorry.

We've scoured the internet looking for some nice little car racing game to keep us amused when not on track.
Here are our picks of the bunch.

Rural Racer

Rural Racer, fun car racing game
See if you can beat me - I'm in the brown car.............

Grand Prix Challenge II

Grand prix Challenge II by Artifact  Interactive
No choice here I'm afraid, you have to take the Ferrari

NewCarNet Racer

NewCarNet Racer, mouse controlled
Another game which tests car control............

Car Trumps by NewCarNet

Car trumps by NewCarNet
You played it at school, but never with 4700 cards !

Uniroyal Fun Cup

NewUniroyal Fun Cup racing game
Excellent racing game, direct from Uniroyal.
White Van Man

White van man - faster than The Stig
Can you pass the test ?

If you know of any other similar games that you like, drop me an e-mail and I'll try to include them.

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