My life with Porsches

I was given my first Porsche when I was six years old. It was only a model, in fact of a 911 Polizei car, but from that point on I wasn't really interested in any other make of car. The first Porsche item that I ever purchased out of my own money was a key fob. Just after we passed our driving test, a friend and I used to drive up to JCT 600 at Yeadon (near Leeds) to look at the cars in the showroom. Finally one day we plucked up enough courage, and money, and decided to go on a Saturday when they were open and bought two leather key fobs, one for my VW, the other for his Ford ! That was to be it for 7 years until I bought my first Porsche - a 1977 911 Carrera 3.

Through that car I became introduced to the Racing scene by Steve Holgate of Exclusively Nine who encouraged me to take up motorsport by competing in the clubs Startup Series in 1989. Quite a few other well known people came into motorsport through that route. Colin Belton of 9Meister used to help Dave Perry, David Warnock (currently driving in GT's and at Le Mans) and some other PCGB regulars like Cup racer Chris Heeley.

The Fleet

I seem to be quite keen on buying Porsches, but not so keen on selling them - maybe that's why I now have eight to play with. I very much doubt I will ever sell the Carrera 3, but over the years I have bought different cars for different reasons. After my first seasons racing I decided that to keep racing I would need something less expensive.

That took me to locally bought white 924 Lux. For a long time, (since edition 1 of 911 & Porsche World) I wanted to see what a 924 Carrera GT was like to drive. In 1993 therefore bought a Mk 1 turbo with a smoky engine to rebuild, and then maybe convert it into a Carrera GT. Having repaired the Mk1 turbo, I then found out how different the Mk 1 car was to the later cars, and how much fun, so I kept it as a road car.

In 1995 I was looking around for a faster race car to replace the 2.0 litre 924 when I came across a 911 "project" car. This car was a rolling shell, with wheel arch extensions and a 2.7RS engine. This car was raced in the club series in 1995-96, but for 1997, work commitments took me to live to Sweden. A change of country wasn't going to stop the racing, so I took the car with me and raced at almost all the Swedish circuits.

Coming back to the UK I continued having fun with the RS during 98-99. The GT idea, which had been put on hold came back to mind in early 2000 when I came across a genuine GT for sale in Belgium. This necessitated the purchase of a Mk2 924 turbo donor car. The rest as they say is history.

During 2003 I realised that running the 924GT in NSSCC was being unfair on both me & the car. This was because compared to the other cars in class the car was both short on power and heavy. The opportunity arose to buy Chris Heeleys 944 Turbo, which had been successful in the Porsche Cup and so this became my seventh addition to the fleet. I will use this car in the NSSCC and the 924GT in the Porsche Club Championship.

The most recent addition is a 1990 944S2 with very low mileage and in superb condition. When i bought it everyone assumed it was to be my next race car. Well, it isn't, not yet anyway.

Despite what I said above, I do have a couple of cars for sale or possibly even for hire. If you are interested please send a mail to If I sell a car, you will be helping me by creating the space so that I can buy another to play with !




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