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December 31st 2007

The first, and last, news item for 2007, so a bit of a season review.

This year was an unusual season, with more than the usual amount of body damage, championship calendars being compressed and a new car to develop.

I first drove the 964 on a trackday in 2005 and seemed to get on with it better than the other guys from Strasse, in that I could brake without locking up. Given the chance to drive it in 2007 I seized the opportunity and we took to the track at the second round of the Porsche championship. The car seemed to be reasonably on the pace, but under race conditions the brakes were appalling, varying from excellent to just not working. Inconsistent brakes do not inspire confidence. An ABS problem was thought to be the issue, but it took 3 months to identify the cause of the problem, and after that the brakes were excellent - even better perhaps than the 944 turbo.

Next to be sorted was the suspension. That was a voyage of discovery as my first race in the wet was at Spa. In wet conditions I was right on the pace of the lead cars, perhaps even getting held up in the early stages. Then as the track dried they broke away and left me. That gave me a pretty strong indication that the car was too soft & so for the following races first the rear, and the front was stiffened. Eventually I arrived at Donington Park and was unable to even match the pace I used to achieve in the 924GT so desperately started throwing spanners at the rear suspension. After about 10 hours work the car was ready to race & I went out & finished 3rd overall.

Meanwhile in the NSSCC I was leading the championship, though that was proving frustrating after having to resort to the Clerk of the course at Croft after one competitor thought he was on a playstation & weaving was acceptable, later at Cadwell Park the 944 suffered severe damage after going into the barriers at 100mph following some helpful kisses from the same competitor as I passed him on the final lap. The headline in Motorsport News the same week was a plea from Nigel Mansell about the deterioration in driving standards. I have to say I agree with him, and it has to be said, following the clear unwillingness of the Clerks of the Course to take action that weekend, the issues does not solely lie with the drivers.

Anglesey was a great weekend & a great circuit, despite the 944 being slow and overheating leading eventually to a phone call to Dad with a request to bring the 964 over to act as the race car for the Sunday race.

By the end of the season Class B was all but wrapped up & I had a chance of getting third in Class 1 of the Porsche Club championship, with the final rounds of both on the same weekend, one at Croft, the other at Brands Hatch GP as a support to the WTCC. I calculated that if I did just one round on the NSSCC I could secure the Class win & third in the championship, with the chance to do both Porsche rounds. As the timetables were finalised it became clear that even with the private plane I had lined up this wasn't going to work. I approached the organisers of the Croft meeting & they agreed that if possible they would change the order of the AEF/BCD races on Sunday so that I could do both championships. This was done so thanks to Lesley Starkey, the other competitors and the rest of the DDMC crew for their assistance.

The scene was set, shuffle cars on Wednesday, drive down to Brands on Thursday, qualify Friday, race Saturday, drive home in the Clio with Gill & Samantha, go to Croft on Sunday morning, prep the 944, race at 13:45 then set off for Brands again. I drove to Teesside airport, met the pilot (still in my race gear), was whisked through security & lined up on one of the longest runways in Britain in one of the smallest planes, destination Biggin Hill. There was a strong headwind & the throttle was pushed wide open to maintain groundspeed. We landed at Biggin Hill & I ran through arrivals into the car park where Chris Dyer was waiting to take me to Brands. I'm not sure what other drivers must have thought as "The Stig" was being chauffeured along Kents' back roads (he wears the same helmet as me). The gates at Brands were not open sufficiently wide to allow the van in so I simply jumped out of the van, ran 50 yards to the collecting area and jumped into the waiting car that Dave Forrests brother had driven up from the paddock.

Within two minutes I was on circuit & racing.

After all that, the results were almost academic, but I did what I had to from the back of the grid in NSSCC and finished about 6th in Porsche Club after a spin while chasing Richard Higgins in his 968. He finished just in front of me which meant I didn't get third in the championship, but had a wonderful weekend, and now a long & lonely drive home was beckoning as this was the first race that Gill has not attended.

December 10th 2006

Apologies for the lack of news this year, business life has been interfering with the update of the website, but not I am pleased to say with the racing.

The orange 944 was written off in an incident at Mallory Park in August, but the guys at Strasse did uch a superb job of reshelling the car that I just had to take the car out for its first race and score an outright win, from lights to flag.

With that result under my belt, I did exactly what I needed to secure the class D Championship for NSSCC in 2006.

February 28th 2006

The final calender for the Porsche Club meeting has now been published. It seems that we have exchanged one GP circuit for another, as there is to be one round of the championship to be held a Silverstone on the GP circuit. This will only be a 30 minute single header, so it seems to be somewhat of a poor exchange.

February 12th 2006

A couple of new games have been added for your entertainment until the proper racing season starts. Have fun, especially as white van man.

February 11th 2006

The 2006 racing season starts here with the update of the website to include the details of the calendars for both the Porsche Club and Northern Saloon & Sports Cars Championships. There is very little conflict between the calenders this year, just 3 clashes in total, with two of them because both championships are at the same meeting. The Spa date is not yet confirmed, so this could create another clash.

September 26th 2005

The 2005 racing season is now officially over as the final rounds of both championships took place over the weekend. The final NSSCC round saw the 2.7RS come out of retirement to take the final points necessary to secure second place in class B of the championship. The race report covering both rounds and the Katie Trust Race has been uploaded.

September 14th 2005

The Porsche 924 race car I have for sale has been reduced in price by £1000. I may well take the car along to Croft for the final round of the championship on 24/25th September and give her a treat. It is a really solid car,, with cracking handling and is an ideal trackday car which is also road legal and can also be used everyday.

September 13th 2005

Another meeting at Croft took place last weekend. The 944 turbo went well in both wet & dry conditions resulting in a second place in class despite an engine failure. The Croft race report is now available. Anyone for a cuppa ?.

August 30th 2005

After a hectic weekends racing visiting Croft and Brands Hatch we returned home with a couple of trophies for a second and outright race win in the 944 at Brands Hatch, a third in class from Croft, and a fine 4th in class in the 924GT from a lowly 21st place on the grid. The first race report from Brands Hatch covers the Porsche "four pot" race is already written. Take a deep breath first.

July 12th 2005

Last weekends NSSCC race report from Cadwell Park is written & uploaded. There was a major incident at the first corner, one competitor has already posted things as they saw events unfold. Anyone else can post their own versions at

If my maths is correct the absence of Andrew Morrisson due to the G8 meeting means I am again leading Class B, but by the narrowest of margins.

June 28th 2005

Another two race reports for the NSSCC are now available. These cover the most recent rounds of the championship at Mallory Park and the first race meeting of the year from Croft.

Though the NSSCC reports are up to date I am behind with the Porsche Club race reports again. The most recent double header round took place at Donington Park where I suffered from a loss of boost in race 1 necessitating a visit to the pits, but a fight back from the back of the grid in race two to 5th was enough to move me up to second place in class 2 and fourth overall in the championship.

In the NSSCC I am now in second place in class B.

June 15th 2005

I have added a new feature to the website, a blog. A weblog, or blog, is simply a place for people to write down their own musings on life or a particular subject. I will continue to update this news page and the race reports, but have created the weblog to allow other competiotors in the NSSCC and Porsche Club Championships to post their own race reports. I'm hoping it will give a little more depth to the race reporrts, with stories coming from elsewhere in the field.

The blog is not currently on the menus, but is available from the forum page or

June 8th 2005

Two most recent round of the Porsche Club Championship took place at Spa Francochamps over the weekend of 4th-5th June. With six hours of tracktime we had three races of 45, 30 and 50 minutes and strong results in all three races would be needed by anyone with serious championship aspirations. The 924GT performed well, taking a 3rd, 4th and 2nd in class and 5th overall in the first race. Prizegiving on the Sunday was much more attractive than usual with Miss Belgium performing the honours.

May 19th 2005

Two race reports for the NSSCC are now online. These cover the first two rounds of the championship at Knockhill and Oulton Park.

There's an article in this weeks Darlington & Stockton Times with a really great photo of the 924 GT taken by Ian Hardy.

April 26th 2005

After arriving at Knockhill with completely untested suspension a good handling compromise was found. I qualified second on the grid, and unlike last year I converted the starting position into a finishing result. Further details of the race result and other competitors are available through the Middlesborough Gazette online at

March 26th 2005

First tests of the year are complete and the 924 GT has been out at both Croft and Snetterton. The car was utterly reliable, and the work done over the winter has certainly made a difference I can feel on track. The 944 has its new suspension and will be out again on 8th April for some more tweaking. I can't wait for the new season to get underway.

March 8th 2005

I'm beginning to think that there must be something wrong in the world of UK motorsport as the race calendars are still changing.

As I suggested a few weeks ago there are a couple of detail changes to the NSSCC programme, these are now confirmed. However the Porsche Club Championship programme is still not finalised, with the Silverstone date cancelled and the Spa race under some doubt. At the moment it seems that the original date of 12th June is no longer an option, and an alternate date of 5th June is under discussion, but that is still not confirmed. With less than a month to go to the first race this is the most fluid calender I have ever encountered in 16 years of racing.

February 20th 2005

The 2004 DDMC Annual awards dinner too place yesterday evening. I have created a page with some photographs from the evening, thanks to Craig for being chief snapper.

February 12th 2005

The website has grown far beyond my original expectations and now consists of getting on for 300 pages. This has been causing some technical problems for me as I was always coming across a storage limit on the Virgin servers that I was using. There was only one solution, so for 2005 the site has been moved and will be directly available from . The old address will remain available for some time, but within the next few days it will no longer be updated.

The new hosting arrangements mean that the I have been able to create some new forums which are free of ads and pop-ups. They are directly accessible at The old forums will remain in place, and will be accessible from the Welcome ! message in any of the new forums. In addition to the forums there is also a chatroom. This is accessible from

The forums themselves have similar subjects to before. Quite a few marshals had registered at the old forums so I decided to give you your own section. It's called Marshalling Matters - I hope you appreciate the name. For those who are still a bit nervous about making a post there's also a special Learner Drivers section for newbies to experiment with making posts.

I have also got a free gift for you. No, don't get too excited, it's not that valuable, but for those of you running Windows 98/95 I have created a little boot logo that's a lot more interesting than the old boring Microsoft thingy. You can get it now from the games page . If you can't see it you are not at the new site.

January 30th 2005

Provisional race dates for the Porsche Club Championship have finally been published and are available from the main page.

The calender does not fit together as well as it did for me last year, and there are three clashes, a common meeting at Oulton park in May with the final round of both championships being at Croft at the end of September. There's little chance of working around things as I did last year. For example one of the clashes is in June when I am supposed to be at Spa and Knockhill at the same time. What's a racing driver to choose, the ups and downs of Glenvarigill & Duffus, or Eau Rouge, Pouhon and Blanchimont ?. I'm afraid the undoubted temptation of haggis doesn't quite make the difference so Spa it will be.

The season seems to be starting earlier this year as well with the Porsches kicking off at Snetterton on April 9th. Maybe we'll all be on winter tyres. With the season over by September I can already see next witer being a very long one.

January 3rd 2005

Happy New Year to everyone.

Both race cars are tucked away for the winter months. The 924GT is away in the bodyshop having last seasons cuts and brusies attended to while Strasse are looking after the 944 turbo and thinking about what we can do to extract more pace from her.

The upcoming event is the DDMC award dinner next month. I'll be working on the website in preparation for the new season before then.

November 17th 2004

Well, the 2004 season is over and it has been my most successful season in the Porsche Club with more a number of podium finishes and ultimately battling for class honours in the Championship. In the NSSCC the new car has run well, though it is clear that some more development should release further potential from the car. Even so, a second in class in its first year isn't bad going and without a couple of incidents or niggly mechanical problems it could well have been one place better.

Plans are now being made for the 2005 season, and DDMC are well on the ball with provisional race dates as follows:

24th April                         Knockhill
7th May                            Oulton Park International
29th May                          Mallory Park
25/26 June                      Croft
10th July                          Cadwell Park
13/14 August                  Croft
27th August                     Croft - Double Header
10th/11th September    Croft
24th/25th September    Croft - Double Header

The final race report for the final NSSSC round on 24th October at Croft is uploaded, together with the Porsche Club report from Castle Combe and Donington Park.

October 13th 2004

Some more race reports are completed including the 924GT at Brands Hatch, the 944 Turbo also at Brands Hatch while the 2.7RS performed a splendid job stepping in for the 944 at the penultimate NSSCC round at Croft.

August 18th 2004

Last weekend at Knockill gave mixed results. In the first race I finished second, while the second race ended in disaster due to another major crash. The "sweet & sour" race report is available here.

August 8th 2004

Q. What does a racing driver do when there's no racing that weekend ?

A. Watch the Carrera Cup and BTCC and support races on live on MotorsTV and write his own race reports.

Race reports are now done and uploaded for May15 Silverstone, May 16 Croft and May 22 Snetterton.

August 4th 2004

Race reports from the Porsche round at Oulton Park have been uploaded. All I can say it was double trouble as an accident and freak mechanical failure caused problem in both the Porsche Club and Porsche Open races.

July 10th 2004

Ok, I know you all wanted to see it so I have uploaded the video from the start of last weekends race at Oulton Park.

Strasse have been hard at work. The engine is out, the car has been jigged & should be painted & back at Strasse for Monday. That gives them time to put the engine back in so I'm going to be at Knockhill next weekend.

July 4th 2004

Yesterday was the fourth round of the NSSCC Championship at Oulton Park. With the car performing well and confidence in my driving I was looking for a good result but for the it was all over in 4 seconds. Read the Oulton Park race report and look at some of the post accident pictures.

There's also a selection of new NSSCC competitors pictures, with more to be added in the coming weeks.

June 21st 2004

It's been a hectic start to the season and I'm a little behind with the race reports. Several of them are part complete, its a good job I have the videos to helpl my memory of what happened. I have one complete report which is from the most recent Snetterton round, happy reading.

June 6th 2004

The new 944 just gets better, scoring it's first ever outright win at Croft on 6th June in a meeting in which I took part in three races

Race report to follow............

April 4th 2004

The 2004 season gets off to a great start with a class win in the first outing for the new 944 turbo race car. Yesterday saw a visit to Silverstone for a non championship round of the NSSCC and the race report is now available here.

Some additional pictures of the new car are also available on the 944 Turbo page

March 27th 2004

Today sees the official launch of the latest addition to the dbRacing fleet. It's another front engined, water cooled, turbocharged car, this time a 944 Turbo with a fine pedigree having previously been built for and raced by Chris Heeley. The winter has seen some development of the car take place, with the final stickers & decals being completed this very afternoon at Strasse.

This car has been prepared for the NSSCC Championship and Porsche Open series, and is finished in a nice quiet shade of Continental Orange. Pictures, and some more information about the car can be found on a new dedicated page , but please make sure you are wearing sunglasses.

For the very first time 2004 will see dbRacing as a two car team. Will I remember where all the gears are? Will I take the right car to each meeting? Only time will tell.

The very first test will take place at Croft on Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th March, with a race at Silverstone scheduled for 3rd April.

News Archive

Our news stories from previous seasons are now archived on a separate page here.


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