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February 22nd 2004

I have updated one of the Croft race reports from last year. One of the other competitors has loaned my his videotape which shows exactly how I managed to come off at Barcroft. They say the camera never lies, don't they. You can either review the race report again and see the video sequence with a blow by blow commentary, or see the action itself on the video page.

February 17th 2004

News is coming in thick and fast with dates for championships firming up quickly. The NSSCC regulations are now issued and race dates finalised.

February 13th 2004

Final regulations for the Porsche Club Championship are published, and a trip to Spa is included for 2004.

February 5th 2004

Some more news on race dates for the Porsche Club Championship[ have just been announced. Additional rounds at Snetterton and Brands Hatch are confirmed, with a change of date for the Silverstone round which causes another date clash and an offer of a date at Spa from one of the German Porsche clubs.

If the calendars remain unchanged I will have one race meeting with a possible clash and the final round of both championships on the same weekend.

January 12th 2004

Race date announcements are coming thick and fast. I met Clive Hayes, the representative for the Welsh Sports & Saloon Championship at the Autosport show last week and he gave me the latest race dates for the WRDA. It looks like, in a similar way to DDMC there is a problem securing "away" race dates, let's hope that this problem resolves itself to everyones benefit in the next few weeks.


January 7th 2004

We have just been advised of the provisional race dates for the 2004 Northern Sports & Saloon Car Championship. I have put the details on the main page. There are still couple of rounds to be added to the calendar but the unbelievably good news is that so far there is only one date clash for the whole season.

January 3rd 2004

I have added a couple of new features to the website today. Firstly, for those who would like to come and watch the races, but don't know how to get there I have created a Circuits page which gives links to every circuit using Each map has been selected to show the local detail and in most cases the track layout is clearly visible. You can then zoom out to find directions, local accomodation etc.

The second piece of news is that I have scoured the internet looking for some classic arcade type motor racing games to place on the site. Don't expect PS2, Xbox or Gamecube standard, but they are still good for a laugh, and help relieve the competitive tensions. There's even a two player game so be careful with those keyboards !

January 1st 2004

Happy New Year !

To celebrate the new year the website has received a pretty comprehensive redesign.

Sadly there are no TV programs like Ground Force, Changing Rooms or even two old ladies who could help me clean it up so yet again it's an "in house" job. I hope you enjoy the brighter colour scheme and snazzy menus.

See you at the Autosport Show 8th January, and it's only 3 months before the season begins again.

December 26th 2003

I have just received the first provisional race dates for 2004.

The main page has been updated with the Porsche Club Championship dates and a new section created for the 2003 race reports. Best of all the Porsche Club is making a visit to the north of England with a season opener at Croft for both the Club and Open Championships. I think I might just take part in both.

December 10th 2003

The final race report for 2003 is now available along with a short video clip. Plans for next season are being finalised and the cheque book is taking a bit of a hammering, never mind.

October 14th 2003

A race report from the Porsche Club race at Oulton Park has just been uploaded. With only 3 days between the race and the report is this a sign that things are finally getting better ? Read on.

I also have another selection of action photographs uploaded on the 924 Carrera GT page from Oulton Park and Cadwell Park.

October 1st 2003

It's taken some time, but I have finally managed to amass the strength of will and courage to write my race report for Brands Hatch. Get something to dry your eyes with !

September 30th 2003

At long long last the car seems to be back on the pace. After a mechanically incident free test at Croft and successful race at Cadwell Park ( see race report) in which I finished 3rd in class / overall in the NSSCC B/C/D race (ignoring the class A, E & F competitors) it will be interesting to see just how competitive I will be in the final 3 rounds of the Porsche Club Championship.

I have also uploaded the Porsche race report from Pembrey. It's surprising how much fun you can have from the back of the grid.

September 9th 2003

For those of you who like to see damage I've uploaded some pictures of my square tyres following the incident at Barcroft last weekend.

September 7th 2003

It's been some time since I updated the news page. Race reports from Snetterton and Cadwell Park have been on the site for a few weeks and I have just written the report from todays race at Croft. The last few months have certainly been fraught with problems, but at least it makes for an interesting read.

Race reports for the Porsche Club races at Pembrey and Brands Hatch should be along in the next few days, just like No. 3 buses.

June 30th 2003

A couple more race reports have been written from the Porsche round at Brands Hatch and NSSCC at Croft. Like the F1 guys the NSSCC has a meeting on consecutive weekends so it's off to the mini-Spa at Cadwell Park next Sunday.

June 7th 2003

May was a busy month with 5 races in total plus testing ! All five race reports have been uploaded and next weekend it's another long trip to Brands Hatch.

I am once again the only 924GT racing in the UK. Following the latest problems at Castle Combe Colin Ingram has decided to solve his head gasket problem permanently by buying a 911. It's a bit of a shame but nice that he will still be racing with us at Brands Hatch

April 30th 2003

As promised I have uploaded some more pictures of new cars and drivers for the Porsche Club Championship which can be viewed through the Cars & drivers menu item or by clicking here. Pictures from 2001/02 are still available on a new Porsche Classic page.

April 27th 2003

A very quick update this week (I can't promise this after every meeting) with the race report for Thruxton done the evening of the race. I also took some photographs of the new cars in the championship which will be uploaded later in the week.

April 25th 2003

The second round of the Club Championship is at Thruxton this weekend. It should be an interesting weekend as the forecast is for rain and Thruxton has no test days this year (except for the two in February !!!) so everyone will be relying on their previous experience to find their way round the circuit.

I have also uploaded race reports from the first round of the Club Championship which was held at Rockingham on 13th April and the first round of the Porsche Open which was held on 16th March.

For Spa Francochamps lovers there are a couple of additional pictures sent in from a Dutch Porsche fan which can be found on the 924GT picture page. I have also put up a couple of higher quality pictures of the car taken at Donington Park before the first race.

March 14th 2003

Only 2 days to go to the start of the racing season at Donington Park. The car will be ready in time for the weekend so the first time the car turns it's wheels it will be in a competitive situation. The entry list has a few of the other Porsche Club competitors also trying out their new cars for the first time so it could be an interesting race.

February 23rd 2003

Well, the first early date for the Porsche Open is out and the guys at Strasse got a little nudge on Friday to get my car put back together in time for the first race. Everything should be in pretty good shape so, having been at the DDMC awards yesterday evening it is already springtime for me as I look forward to getting back on track.

With a new season comes an update to the website, so I have now archived off the 2002 race reports and set up the calendar for 2003.

February 12th 2003

I finally got round to updating the race reports for the last two races of the season. The car is back at Strasse and hopefully we will find a way to get a little more performance from the car to be competitive in Class 2 of the new Porsche Club Championship.

October 5th 2002

Further to the Knockhill race report I have uploaded a couple of trackside videos from the NSSCC race. Terry Wright was unable to compete in the race due to an oil pump failure and so he kindly agreed to shoot some video for me. There is now a total of 7 clips available on the video page.

October 4th 2002

Castle Combe hosted the penultimate round of the 2002 Porsche Classic Championship on 15th September. Read the race reports here for the Classic and Open races. Two weeks later the NSSCC went north of the border to Knockhill. It was my first visit there for two years, see what happened here.

September 11th 2002

The final Croft based round of the NSSCC took place last weekend and the race report is available here.

I have also placed a couple of photographs on the Silverstone race report of damage to the wheel and suspension components.

September 8th 2002

Two new videos are now available from the NSSCC meeting on 24th August 2002.

September 5th 2002

John Farren has announced that he is no longer involved with the Porsche Club and that Porsche Cars GB will take over running the Cup next year.

No news on what happens to the Classic or Cup, but you can make your own contributions in the Forum pages.

September 3rd 2002

Race reports from Porsche Classic and the Welsh Sports & Saloon car championship from Pembrey are published. The car still needs some further repair work following the Silverstone crash particularly in the suspension area. I'm hoping to use the GT at Croft this weekend, but the RS is being prepared just in case.

August 26th 2002

It looks like I'm going through a bad luck patch at the moment. Having gone off the circuit at Silverstone in the GT last weekend I went off circuit at Croft in the NSSCC meeting and brought the red flags out. Read more in the race report here.

The latest news on the GT is that all the body and mechanical parts necessary to rebuild the car have arrived and she should be ready to collect on Thursday.

August 20th 2002

Following the accident damage at Silverstone meeting I'm bringing the 911 2.7RS out of retirement for this weekends double header NSSCC race at Croft.

Hopefully it will just be a matter of putting decals on the car and changing the tyres to get her from road spec to race spec. Maybe the driver will need further adaptation !

August 11th 2002

Some more photographs have been put on the site from the Donington race earlier this year and the NSSCC race at Oulton Park last September. Click on the links or go to the main 924 Carrera GT picture page.

July 29th 2002

Further development of the video pages means that the files are now larger, but they should work for most people using Internet Explorer now.

The commentary from this weeks Motorsport News talks about a "flying Botterill"...... funny that I don't remember leaving the ground. Silverstone is next, maybe I'll have some more flying lessons before then !

July 23rd 2002

Rockingham race report published.

July 21st 2002

New ! Video clips from real races placed on the website.

Special thanks to Colin Broster for supplying copies of his in-car videos from the Snetterton and Spa rounds of the Porsche Classic. After a few late nights working out how to actually include video within the site, and the purchase of a new computer to do the conversion to digital video, I have uploaded 3 separate clips for you to look at here.

Quite a few competitors now carry in-car video. If you want to see clips from your video on the site, (Porsche Classic or NSSCC) you know where to find me. Let me know how the video download works for you by using the feedback form.

The Rockingham race report will follow in a few days time.

July 4th 2002

A little more site development.

I have added a search engine to the site powered by You can find comments about particular circuits or drivers, or use the new site map functionality to navigate round the pages. Happy hunting !

July 2nd 2002

A quick update with the race report from the double header at Snetterton.

The previous Porsche Classic race report from Oulton Park has also been amended following the exclusion of Tony Brown after he was found to have an engine producing more power than that permitted by the regulations.

June 25th 2002

The race report from Croft from the weekend of 22nd/23rd June has been uploaded.

The next race meeting is a double header at Snetterton in the Porsche Classic

June 20th 2002

Race reports from Oulton Park and Cadwell Park from the weekend of 8th/9th June have been uploaded to the site.

The class regulations for the Porsche Classic 2003 Championship have not been published yet. I have posted a question on the discussion forum, have your say about what should happen.

Today's the day when the visitor counter clicked over the 2,000 mark, thanks for your interest, but sorry there are no prizes :-))

June 6th 2002

World cup fever is in full swing and I finally got round to writing the race report from the fourth round of the Porsche Classic Championship at Spa Francochamps .

I have got some really great photos of the car from the weekend, these are uploaded on the 924Carrera GT page together with a couple more pictures from Classic and NSSCC competitors. I even have a photo of the "other" 924 Carrera GT

May 8th 2002

The race report for the third round of the Porsche Classic Championship at Brands Hatch is published. It think it took longer to write the report than the actual race took, Oh well, I suppose that's motorsport. On the brighter side the car was again well on the pace.

April 30th 2002

The NSSCC season has started with the first round at Croft. I qualified 3rd fastest and finished 5th overall. Read the 28th April Croft race report for more details.

The website has expanded with the addition of a discussion board / forum. You can now take the opportunity to interract with other people interested in motorsport with subjects including the Porsche Classic, NSSCC and Formula 1. You can access the forum by clicking on the button on the left hand side of the page or simply click here. Please register for the board, you will need to register to be able to start a new topic or post a reply and the registration process only takes a few seconds to complete. I have no access to any of the information you supply except for the e-mail address you give. So far as I am aware there is also no validation of the responses you give.

The discussion board is hosted by a provider in the US so I'm afraid you will get some pop-up adverts, but hopefully they are not too intrusive. These adverts only appear when you use the forum.

You can of course still contact me directly by e-mail or using the webform on the main page. Let me know if there are any other subjects you would like me to create a separate forum for.

April 16th 2002

Best result to date for a water cooled car in the Porsche Classic Championship with an outright third. Read the Donington race report for more details.

March 26th 2002

Thruxton race report issued

March 7th 2002

Well, that was a short winter wasn't it. It hardly seems more than a couple of months since I was last on track and now we are getting geared up for the new season.

The car is ready for a trial run. I was intending to participate in the BRDC Marshalls event at Silverstone this weekend 9th March. Unfortunately the event has had to be cancelled due to lack of entries for the Silverstone driving School races so I'm going to Snetterton instead for a test day.

Even porsche drivers polish up quite well

I attended the D&DMC Annual award Evening a couple of weeks ago. Not having completed enough rounds to improve on my 4th in class position I was delighted when it was announced that I would be the recipient of the John Blades trophy for 2001. This award was first presented in 1974 and is made to "The Most Outstanding Northern Driver" for the previous year.

The trophy is quite sizeable, consisting of a silver rosebowl adorned by a silver figurine resembling very closely the silver mascot which adornes a certain marque of car made in Crewe ! Rumours still circulate that it is not entirely sure if the owner of the car originally gave his consent for the donation of the silver lady for the John Blades Trophy. Anyway, I'll be sure to take good care of it for the next 12 months and keep it polished for the trophy cabinet.

I cannot claim to know John Blades personally, but one of the long standing members of the D&DMC, Terry Wright, remembers that John Blades was a successful racer during the Sixties, racing regularly in F2 in Europe. Based in Whitley Bay area, John specialises in Gents quality wear and gave up his European racing to concentrate on his business. At a similar time the Clan Crusader was just coming off the production line as both a road and a competition car. John was approached by the Factory to campaign their works Clan in the Modsports Championships which he did with excellent results.

The car will be a little lighter this year, with a few changes to suspension settings so I'm hoping to further improve on last years lap times and results.

Take a look in the links page for some of Murray Walkers classic commentaries.


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